Improving customer offers through data engineering and agile cross-team collaboration

BSG supported the data science team at a major bank in consolidating diverse datasets for improving the bank’s product recommendation algorithm. Combining better data engineering with agile ways of working, BSG made recommendations, which could boost the product recommendation team’s performance and promote collaboration between discrete product houses. The outcomes included lowered costs, increased revenue, better customer retention and improved strategy.

overview of the clients needs
  • Better quality data for modelling purposes
  • Clean, consistently formatted data
  • Oversight of data consolidation process
  • More agile, collaborative ways of working between product houses
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Improve storage, processing and consolidation of data
  • Advise on best architecture and technology for large data processing
  • Provide consistent data for use in modelling
  • Lower costs through digitisation
  • Increased revenue and retention through personalisation and cross-selling
  • Better visibility of data for senior stakeholders
  • Automation of scripts for monthly data processing
  • Consistency and efficiency of data format, indexing and processing
  • Improved efficiency in collaborating and information sharing between teams
improving customer offers though data engineering and agile cross team collaboration

Working with our client, BSG used a data-led approach to consolidate diverse datasets and implement agile ways of working to boost performance, increase revenues and deliver improved customer offers

Do you want to improve your customer targeting?

Let our data engineers and data scientists help you improve your product recommendation algorithm and lower costs, increase revenue, improve customer retention and improve strategy.

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improving customer offers though data engineering and agile cross team collaboration