Saving lives by analysing data to improve the health and safety of employees

BSG partnered with the South African operation of the world’s largest producer of synthetic fuels to showcase how the client could improve the health and safety of employees and service providers by using historical data to predict and mitigate against future harmful occurrences.

overview of the clients needs
  • Zero-harm environment for employees and service providers
  • Reduction in the number and severity of injuries and incidents
  • Enable the client’s analytics team to enhance the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) environment by using the available incident data to develop a fact-based incident prevention solution
  • Develop three initiatives to drive the mitigation and / or reduction of onsite SHE incidents
  • 15% year-on-year reduction in lost working day (LWD) injuries
  • A predictive model was developed (at a 95% interval) to predict injuries based on near misses
  • BSG quantified the client’s monetary exposure as a result of injuries occurring in the workplace

In keeping with BSG’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of 100m people, BSG used historical incident data to predict injuries based on near misses, thereby enhancing the client’s SHE environment.

Do you want to use your organisation's safety incident data to improve OHS?

Our data analytics consultants have skills and experience driving out data-driven solutions across a range of industries. They are expertly placed to guide you in leveraging your available data to create solutions.

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saving lives through data analysis