A practical toolbox for decommissioning legacy systems

As part of a large modernisation programme, BSG supported a leading African bank by creating a practical toolbox to enable effective strategic decommissioning of legacy applications and infrastructure in parallel with cloud implementation plans. 

overview of the clients needs
  • Enable strategic decommissioning of legacy applications and infrastructure across the bank as part of its modernisation programme
  • Prioritise modernisation (and decommissioning) journey based on business criticality, noting all the impacted infrastructure and systems, mitigating risks and reducing associated costs
  • Analyse and understand the bank’s modernisation journey, identify applications and infrastructure to be decommissioned
  • Create a prioritised view of modernisation and decommissioning plans, based on business criticality and dependencies
  • Mitigate risk and minimise the cost of strategic decommissioning across the bank, in line with the modernisation programme 
  • Create a practical decommissioning toolbox that can be applied across all areas of the bank to understand their decommissioning requirements and plan accordingly
  • Visibility across the bank of the prioritised decommissioning programme enabled forward planning, and effective budget and resource allocation
  • A better understanding of financial implications of decommissioning decisions, ensuring the modernisation journey results in maximum benefit while reducing risk
  • A practical decommissioning toolbox that can be used across the bank to understand requirements of the decommissioning process and to support planning processes
  • Upfront planning enabled proactive thinking around decommissioning efforts and dependencies, resulting in a prioritised plan with practical steps for execution
Legacy System Decommissioning Abridged

BSG created a practical decommissioning toolbox, using data to facilitate scenario planning and risk identification, informing a prioritised decommissioning journey in parallel to system modernisation.

Are you on a digital transformation journey? Have you planned your decommissioning programme?

If not, let our cloud and delivery management experts help you design an approach to strategic decommissioning that enables you to effectively and efficiently “switch off” legacy applications and infrastructure in parallel with your cloud migration programme.

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