Using advanced analytics to complement business strategy and drive the client’s leadership position

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to illustrate how data and advanced analytics can be used to generate business value. With the rapid increase in the volume and variety of data available to businesses, the client realised they could utilise their data to complement business strategies and position themselves as an industry leader.

overview of the clients needs
  • Understand how their own data could be used to increase profitability
  • Embark on a journey towards customer-centricity
  • Utilise advanced analytics to identify customer groups, the number of groups and the variables required for segmentation
  • Understand and profile the customer groups, and pragmatically use this information to build a roadmap to enable the client to become more customer-centric
  • Identify internal and external data sources to enable this journey to customer-centricity
  • Demonstrated the business value of understanding customers through customer intelligence
  • Identified a roadmap on how to continuously improve customer intelligence and inform customer interaction

BSG assisted the client by illustrating how optimal and correct data usage can complement people, process and technology to drive business strategy and enable increased customer-centricity.

Do you want to leverage your data to drive market position?

Our data analytics consultants have skills and experience driving out data-driven solutions across a range of industries. They are expertly placed to guide you in leveraging your organisation’s data to drive market leadership.

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