Delivering a sustainable customer experience strategy

Partnering with a South African life insurance and investment company to develop a strategic customer experience capability

overview of the clients needs
  • Fulfil key strategic objectives
  • Move from being a product-siloed business to a customer-centric one
  • Close the gap between brand commitment and the customer reality
  • Better understand the customer and their needs
  • Articulation of the real service experience needs of the client’s customers
  • Identifying how the client’s service experience is currently falling short of meeting these needs
  • Defining a customer service experience framework to close this gap and allow the 2020 vision to become a reality
  • Defining a set of initiatives required to achieve the desired customer service experience outcomes
  • A high-level execution roadmap to make the plan a reality
  • Creating a business case framework for investment in developing the capability, with real metrics to assess progress and support the execution of the plan
  • A true view of the customer, by defining personas made up of core emotional drivers and blockers, versus the traditional customer segmentation model based on income and age
  • A realisation of what a true customer-centric culture means
  • An understanding that engaged customers are dependent on engaged employees (virtuous cycle)
  • Enhanced future customer journeys
  • The basis for more engaging communication
  • A roadmap for consistent and excellent cross-channel experiences
  • A framework to ensure every touchpoint can be quantified in real metrics, not just vanity metrics that do not reflect the true customer experience and feeling
  • Matured customer-centric design capability
Delivering a sustainable customer experience strategy

By enabling a better understanding of customers and their needs, BSG has positioned the client to assist their customers save for the future more effectively.

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