Driving the acquisition and retention of SME customers to unlock potential revenue growth of 12% in the segment

BSG assisted a leading South African vehicle and asset finance lender to explicitly target small and medium enterprise (SME) customers using a data- and client-led approach, rapidly elevating value realisation via strategic, data-driven customer segmentation and value proposition design for the SME market.
overview of the clients needs
  • Evaluate and test high-level commercial feasibility of the South African SME market
  • Rapidly identify valuable market segments and opportunities using a data-led, analytical approach
  • Design a go-to-market approach considering client and intermediary partner value proposition considerations
  • Create a practical plan to execute acquisition and retention initiatives to rapidly deliver value
  • Provide clearly defined SME market segments
  • Define the client and intermediary value propositions
  • Design clear next steps to execute the go-to-market SME strategy
  • Discover the relevance and potential of product and service offerings to clients and intermediaries
  • Identify quick-win opportunities to rapidly show financial gain
  • Delivered a compelling SME value proposition designed through data- and client-led, ethnographic research
  • Aligning products and services to a clear SME value proposition
  • Identified three quick-win opportunities to support an estimated 6% to 12% revenue gain in the SME segment
  • Identified 20 segments, from which the top four high-value and next best segments were prioritised, equipping the business to unlock their inherent value
BSG Case Study: Customer Segmentation for a leading vehicle asset finance house

Evaluating the opportunity gap for SME customers and creating a sustainable ecosystem to support the improved acquisition and retention of these customers.

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