Making banking accessible and convenient while driving financial inclusion through new ATM service offerings

BSG assisted a leading bank with an African footprint to increase their competitive footing through the deployment of new ATM service offerings by upgrading 390 ATMs in Africa, replacing 13 ATMs and ensuring 573 ATMs meet urgent regulatory requirements by being EMV compliant.

overview of the clients needs
  • Improve functionality and product offering on self-service devices
  • Ensure Visa and MasterCard EMV compliance in the African subsidiaries for ATM acquiring
  • Enable customers to move from branch to ATM utilisation, and from ATMs to digital channels
  • Replace end-of-life hardware and software with more recent versions
  • Ensure upgrades allow for preventative ATM maintenance and monitoring
  • Address fraud issues through EMV compliance Meet all regulatory requirements and deadlines of 10 different African countries
  • Shift in customer channel usage from branches to ATMs to digital channels Increased customer base through financial inclusion
  • Increased trust in the brand through reduced card fraud and interoperability
  • Reduced ATM maintenance costs and efforts Increased customer access to ATMS
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster deployment in-country of new products and services

Revamping African ATM service offerings, introducing real-time cash deposits and instant money and ensuring EMV compliance.

Do you need help ensuring a smooth roll-out of vendor supplied software across regions and operating environments?

Our Business Consultants have experience working across Africa, managing multiple compliance requirements and diverse operating environments.

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