Establishing a new retail bank operating model

BSG partnered with a JSE-listed specialist South African investment and private bank to assist them in launching a new and uniquely distinctive retail bank, to drive a strategic initiative to increase “sticky” deposits to comply with legislative requirements.

overview of the clients needs
  • Partner to lead and manage the change programme, including the interface with 3rd party suppliers
  • Oversee the validation and completion of the operating model design
  • Detailed analytical requirements, including integration points
  • Definition and support of the transition to operational status
  • Structure, manage and deliver the conceptual and detailed design of the operating model
  • Full end-to-end business process design
  • Select and implement a core banking
  • Drive business growth through a retail banking business
  • Increased deposits to meet capital adequacy reserves

Enabling an investment bank to launch a  new retail division to complement their existing customer base, while competing for market share in a segment traditionally not a focus for them.

Do you need support to ensure compliance with incoming regulation?

Our business consultants are able to prioritize and batch compliance projects to misimise disruption to business as usual, ensuring reduced impact on customer experience.

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