Saving time and money, while improving efficiency by taking an insight-led approach to debt collections

BSG helped a leading healthcare provider unlock millions of Rands in untapped revenue through daily classification and prioritisation of debt collection cases, resulting in improved debtors’ days and debt collection efficiency.

overview of the clients needs
  • Funders frequently reject hospital claims as a result of inconsistencies between the claim and the condition stipulated in the patient’s medical aid plan
  • Hospital debt controllers spend extensive time:
    • Manually prioritising cases
    • Determining the most effective method of resolution
  • Claims that remain unprocessed for a period of time are ultimately written off, resulting in millions of Rands being lost on a monthly basis
  • Automate the daily prioritisation of collection cases per debtor controller
  • Simplify the collections process and recommend steps for resolution per case
  • Economise the collections process by incorporating all case information into a single dashboard
  • Significant reduction in bad debt
  • 50% improvement in efficiency of debt collections, resulting in a saving of 232-FTE (full time equivalent) days per month
debt collections dashboard abridged

BSG used existing data to rapidly deliver insights and drive operational change resulting in significant savings and improved debt collection efficiency

Do you want to use your existing data to improve your business operations?

Our data scientists and engineers have deep understanding and experience in enabling insight-led business operations. Let us help you transform your business operations and leverage your existing data to ensure optimised, insight-led business.

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