Implementing a CRM solution to enable a single view of customers and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty for a bank

BSG partnered with a bank to implement the electronic finance suite of a customer relationship management (CRM) application – for the bank’s retail banking division’s customer contact centre. This was in support of the bank’s growing business need for centralisation of virtual processes, to deliver great customer experiences.


overview of the clients needs
  • Respond to market disruption and changing customer needs to improve customer experience
  • Change the fragmented view of retail bank customers to single and comprehensive view that can be managed collectively off a CRM platform
  • Successfully implement the purchased CRM solution as per the bank’s specific needs
  • Scope the business to create structure for roadmap planning, taking into consideration business constraints and vendor timelines
  • Define and agree detailed current and future processes, requirements and business rules for implementation of the CRM solution
  • Examine current processes in detail and design new innovative processes based on best call centre practices
  • Support the business through the journey, including transition to operations
  • A single view of customer across all services in retail banking was created
  • A significant increase in the prospect conversion rate
  • Cross-selling and up-selling of retail banking services
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through up-to-the-minute view of customer
  • Ability to build more long-term, loyal customer relationships
BSG partnered with a bank to successfully roll out a CRM solution for their retail banking division, providing a consolidated view of customers, that drastically enhanced the customer experience.

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