Ensuring incremental delivery of value by transitioning to an Agile approach

BSG worked with a prominent South African retail bank on a core systems development project to implement Agile development practices, in a traditionally Waterfall and governance-heavy environment.

overview of the clients needs
  • Earlier delivery of value and shorter release cycles, to optimise end-to-end branch processes
  • Regular feedback and testing of functionality before full deployment, due to the level of complexity of the upgrades in the upcoming release cycle
  • Support in implementing the principles of the methodologies, given the bank’s unfamiliarity with Agile and Scrum practices
  • Evaluate Agile practices and the Scrum framework in the context of the bank’s operating environment and, where necessary, make adjustments to the framework to ensure cohesion
  • Support the teams involved in the core systems upgrade programme with implementing Agile practices
  • Incremental delivery of value to the bank’s customers through shorter release cycles
  • Consistently improved customer experience through accelerated account opening process and improved operational efficiency of account origination teams
  • Increased visibility of project and development planning as a result of greater collaboration
  • Empowerment of the team to handle smaller and more incremental pieces of functionality, resulting in better issue management
  • Reduction in paper use and the associated costs as a result of the paperless nature of the upgraded system
  • Reduction in risk exposure as a result of improved fraud controls
  • Reduction in FICA listings as a result of one-time capture of required documentation

Upgrading systems for significant improvements in turnaround and processing times, while reducing fraudulent activity ensures less risk exposure for the bank and its customers.

Do you need to deliver incremental value to your users and customers?

At BSG, our Agile practitioners are experienced in delivering value across a variety of industries and organisations. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor solutions to address the issues unique to your operating environments.

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Improving customer experience through a core system upgrade