Taking a data-led approach to predict high-risk cases and prioritise action within the claims’ management process

BSG helped a leading healthcare provider to be in a position to save millions of Rands each month by making data-led decisions, enabling better prioritisation of action and reduction of claims-related issues

overview of the clients needs
  • Understand how to leverage data more effectively in the organisation
  • Become more proactive in identifying claims-related issues and prioritising action
  • Create visibility of high-risk cases within the claims value chain across the client’s South African operations
  • Take insight to action by implementing a data-led approach to solving the claims-related issues
  • Ensure implementable and measurable KPIs for the project
  • Use data and advanced analytics to provide insight into the primary causes of claims-related issues
  • Understand the impact on patient experience during the claims process
  • Prove the value of a data-led approach to the client’s executive team
  • BSG recommended and helped implement a pilot initiative to prevent claim rejections, which were costing the client over R40 million each month
  • The pilot initiative was driven by a machine learning model that accurately predicted inefficiencies in existing processes and provided insight into practical changes to drive business benefits
  • BSG followed a practical approach to operationalise the predictive model focusing on people, process and technology change considerations
enabling cost saving through data

BSG’s data-led approach combined multi-skilled teams, working with our client, to rapidly deliver implementable business change to drive cost savings and improve revenue collection efforts

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saving the client an estimated R40m per month using dataimproving customer offers though data engineering and agile cross team collaboration