Empowering the local arm of a global asset finance lender with a solutions roadmap for compliant flow of personal information

The South African arm of a global asset finance lender trusted BSG to design a roadmap solution for the compliant flow of personal information within the organisation in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

overview of the clients needs
  • Increase awareness of POPI, highlighting risks and benefits associated with its implementation internally
  • A clear roadmap of what needs to be implemented across the organisation’s internal functions and partner interactions to be POPI compliant
  • Ensure continuity of consent throughout the lifecycle of customer information to enable compliant marketing communication to customers
  • Undertake an analysis to highlight gaps between “as is” and the POPI Act to formulate solutions
  • Define ownership of information within an organisation which is both an independent legal entity, forms part of a global organisation and has partnerships with local businesses
  • Create a roadmap for execution of POPI compliance solutions
  • Support internal project owners to implement initial, specific cross-functional compliance solutions
  • Reduction in wasted time, money, effort and resources due to clear roadmap
  • Focussed direction for future compliance solution implementation
  • Equipped client with the means to create uninterrupted consent throughout the flow of customer information
  • Created clarity on ownership of personal information
  • Empowered the client to implement improved processes to market value added services to customers
roadmap for compliant flow of personal information POPI

BSG supported the creation of a solutions roadmap containing processes, policies and technology to safely handle personal information, reducing risk and maximising customer confidence.


bsg compliance solution

We can help you balance risk and regulations with people, process and technology to make compliance a frictionless element of your customer programme, and beyond. We have experience in POPIA, AML, KYC, IFRS, BCBS and IAM.

Do you speak the same language as your customers? Do you want to?

We have the knowledge and experience to support you to create solutions that facilitate the compliant flow of personal information, reduce risk and maximise customer confidence in your business.

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